Galaxy Postman by Hodari Spiele - Boardgame soon on Kickstarter

Welcome Space Cadet

Galaxy Postman is coming to Kickstarter soon! In Galaxy Postman players are going to deliver packages and giving aliens a lift back home while upgrading their shuttle to better suit their needs! Galaxy Postman

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The Story

In the year 2986, in a world completely destroyed by the effects of climate change, humans have no other way out but to flee to over a dozen micro-planets. The once magnificent Earth is now nothing more than a sad reminder of times past. Humanity must now confine itself to the tight quarters of these small planets and begin an entirely new life.
But despite all these challenges, people have not given up. That's why they created the Galaxy Post, an organization that makes it possible to send materials, letters and bills between planets. The Galaxy Post is the link between the different planets and a lifeline for the entire society.
And on this day, you enter the world of the Galaxy Post as a newly graduated Galaxy Postman or -woman. You'll take responsibility for delivering important packages, helping aliens looking for a ride, and upgrading your post shuttle to meet the demands of the hazardous space.
This job isn't easy and will present you with unforeseen challenges. Every day is a new adventure.

Are you ready to face this task and serve the Galaxy Post as best you can?

Our motto

Playing games is the most beautiful form of learning! Spending time together at the table with other people is a wonderful feeling. This can be further reinforced by a common goal or competition. The feelings evoked by games can inspire us and make us forget about everyday life.
We wish to present you with games that evoke just such feelings.

What defines our games

We love to create games that encourage interaction at the table. This can be done through cooperative, but also confrontational mechanisms. Furthermore, we want to create a new world and above all a new gameplay experience with each game.
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